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A bankrupt Enron, Florida Power & Light and the rest of the multibillion dollar large wind power companies, Out of State Environmental Lobbying & Legal Firms and Governor Carcieri and why they all don’t want you to have SMALL wind

The First Great Wind Rush

The year was 1981. Congress enacted financial incentives to support the wind industry in California and elsewhere. This was the first era of modern day wind called The Great California Wind Rush. It was short lived however and in 1985 all the financial incentives were withdrawn and the whole Large Wind Power industry collapsed. The business model can not work without taxpayer subsidies and incentives and without this the business model is completely unworkable. In 1985 in Altamont Pass, San Gorgonio Pass and Tehachapi Pass more than 14,000 wind turbines that had been built between 1981 and 1985 were quickly abandoned by the Large Wind Farm developers. They still stand there today almost 30 years later, unworkable, rusted and broken. A complete failure in public policy by the Government.

The Second Great Wind Rush

It was the decade of the 90’s and the wool was about to be pulled over the American taxpayer’s eyes once again. This time by a multibillion dollar politically connected corporation called Enron headed by the late infamous Ken Lay. He saw this failed public policy as an opportunity to reap tens of billions of dollars at the expense of hard working taxpayers. Enron with the help of Ken Lay’s leadership, who’s scams cost innocent people their life savings, set in motion a plan to lobby Congress. They disguised their plan as an environmentally friendly “renewable energy” project, and packaged it in with their “electricity deregulation” lobbying and political maneuvering efforts. Their efforts worked and they got laws passed at both the state and federal levels. These laws would do the following

1.) Permit them to tie into the grid
2.) Require utilities to buy the unreliable and unpredictable electricity under “Renewable Portfolio Standards”
3.) Allow them to sell “Renewable Energy Certificates” separate and apart from the electricity
4.) Provide them with an inflation-adjusted 10-year “Production Tax Credit” that now equals $.019/kWh
5.) Allow tax write-off of the 20-year project cost using an accelerated 5-year double-declining balance method (40% per year)

These subsidies are costing taxpayers and utility ratepayers in America to this day over $1 BILLION per year!

Even after Enron’s mile long lists of fraud were exposed and they declared bankruptcy and as millions of people lost their life savings because of Ken Lay and Enron, the Large Wind Energy business lived on. General Electric (GE) purchased Enron’s wind turbine manufacturing business, while Florida Power and Light (FPL) purchased Enron’s wind farm projects and adopted their business model. Florida Power and Light (FPL) has carried on Enron’s tradition of lobbying Congress to get what they want and according to the political watchdog group Opensecrets.org the $26 billion corporation has spent $30million lobbying members of Congress since 1998.

2007 Rolls Around and Pandora’s Box has begun to be opened…

      August 31, 2007

Florida Power & Light (FLP), the $26 Billion company which bought Enron’s wind farm business when Enron declared the largest bankruptcy in United States history gave $150,000 grant to the Governor’s RIWINDS project.

This was the original piece of research before the original SAMP process was implemented. This money was used to fund almost half the cost of a 132 page study, which was prepared by Applied Technology & Management another company based in Florida and has a project office out of the Middle East in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There is no mention in that entire 132 page report of any downsides to large scale offshore industrial wind power.

Controversies surrounding Florida Power & Light (FPL) in other parts of the United States

The Deadly Toll of Wind Power

Expanded Lawsuit Over Raptor Kills at Altamont Pass, Calfornia Wind Turbines — California Energy Commission Blasts Wind Companies' Sham Mitigation Plan

Windmill Turbines: Not at Home on the Range

Liberals file lawsuit against windmill company.

Altamont wind farm lawsuit moves ahead

Lawsuit seeks redress for massive illegal bird kills at Altamont Pass, CA, wind farms

Wind turbine superimposed to show how tall it would be next to the bridge

Did you know?

Rhode Island Sound is home to some of the world's best sailing, tourism, fishing, lobstering areas in the world! Rhode Island’s tourist industry is a $5 billion a year industry and Newport alone makes up $2 billion of that. This industry provides tens of thousands of jobs for our citizens and is the very livelihood for Rhode Islander’s across this State.

Did you know?

Rhode Island’s tourist industry is a $5 billion a year industry and Newport alone makes up $2 billion of that. This industry provides tens of thousands of jobs for our citizens and is the very livelihood for Rhode Islander’s across this State.

Did you know?

So how tall exactly is 450 feet? 450 feet is the 50 feet taller than the two main towers on the Newport Bridge. Each one of these 450 foot turbines that Deepwater Wind wants to build will have red flashing lights on them that will light up the night sky at night and fog horns which will be able to be heard miles away.

What Deep Water Wind and the politicians don’t want you to know about Large scale wind powerLarge scale wind power

Wind Farms use Oil and Lots of It!

Wind farms do indeed use oil and lots of it. It is interesting to point out that the proposed offshore 130 large industrial turbine wind farm in the Cape in Massachusetts calls for a 100 foot (10 story tall) offshore transformer substation. This offshore platform would house over 40,000 gallons of transformer oil. In Rhode Island the same thing would have to be built because a wind farm can not operate without one. This puts our pristine shores and successful tourist destinations, which our citizens rely on for jobs at risk of a potential disaster.

10-story tall industrial offshore transformer substation


Many things could go wrong such as a vessel collision, a fire on the offshore transformer substation, a major hurricane as forceful as Hurricane Katrina or a hurricane such as the one which hit Rhode Island in 1938 which was the same strength as Hurricane Katrina. If there is any catastrophe associated with this wind farm potentially hazardous oil could potentially significantly harm the fishing and lobster industry in Rhode Island causing thousands to lose their jobs and their very livelihood. To make matters worse it would wipe out a $2 billion a year tourist and yachting industry in Newport and cost Rhode Island tax payers hundred of millions of dollars to clean up. The environmental impacts would be irreversible. This could all happen within minutes! GOVERNOR CARCIERI WANTS TO DO THIS; ALL WITH OUT YOUR CONSENT OR YOUR VOTE!

To the left is a picture of what a 10-story tall industrial offshore transformer substation housing potentially hazardous oil would look like.


The picture below is what can happen when a transformer substation has a fire.

when a transformer substation has a fire

Below is a video of a transformer substation having a fire and blowing up. Imagine a offshore transformer substation 100 times bigger, right off the shores of our prime tourist destinations and housing thousands of gallons of potentially hazardous oil could do to our shoreline!

Wind Farms Pose Potental Risk to National Security

With a major military installation on Aquidneck Island (The Newport Naval Base) and the Governor and Deepwater Wind's plans to build an offshore industrial wind farm, it is extremely alarming that NATO is currently investigating defense threats from wind farms in the United Kingdom. They have discovered that wind farms create a blind spot in air defenses. With our nation currently at a state of high alert and currently at war, a wind farm being built so close to a major military installation such as the Newport Naval Base could put our citizens especially on Aquidneck Island in jeopardy. NATO Investigates Defense Threat From Wind Farms

Noise During Construction

Please click on the movie link below to see and hear a wind turbine being pile driven into the sea bed 8.5 miles off the coast of Denmark (it may take a couple of minutes to download). Pile driving will be required to erect an offshore wind farm site. Imagine what this earth shattering sound will do to our tourism, not the mention the fish, lobster and other marine life in that area.


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