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Residential Wind Power

Governor Carcieri and Deepwater Wind's offshore wind farm plans will not give us energy independence. Their plan will not help to bring energy prices down for all of us. Instead we will see our electricity rates rise from 9 cents a kilowatt hour to almost 24.4 cents virtually overnight if this contract is allowed to go forward. That price will increase on average, about 3.5% after that for the duration of the 20 year contract. 46.5 cents a kilowatt hour is the price we will see at the conclusion of this contract. We, the ratepayers are the ones who will pay dearly in the end for our elected officials mistake!

In Europe small discrete rooftop wind turbines that fit horizontally along your roof have been made available to the consumer for as little as $700 a unit. Our plan utilizes small wind roof top turbines that the homeowner will own. If the individual home owner owns this small turbine, then they will see the direct savings. In some cases our research has indicated that homeowners could see a savings of up to 40% on their electricity bills. There would be no environmental impacts to our plan unlike Governor Carcieri’s plan. No bad economic impacts to the plan unlike Governor Carcieri’s plan. Under our plan the individual homeowner’s home would most likely be worth more money because it is energy efficient. This would not happen under Governor Carcieri’s plan.

Imagine the economic benefit we could bring to Rhode Island small businesses that wish to manufacture small roof top wind turbines in our State and sell them in our State, across our nation and world wide. If we think green and not sell our state out to mega billion dollar corporations which seek to destroy our natural beauty for their own personal gain, our citizens can have a very bright future and see green in their wallets.

If you are still not convinced that we can scrap Governor Carcieri’s offshore wind farm plan and allow homeowners to have complete energy independence, look at the country of Australia. Australia has started to catch on that industrial billion dollar wind companies are not the way to go and have started to invest in their citizens innovations and creativity. They have started to invest in small residential rooftop wind turbines.

Here’s a short video from Australia. We have the potential to do the same here in Rhode Island!

Wind Turbine - Rooftop

Rhode Islanders' innovation and creativity will be the key to our energy independence and success. The following videos prove that wind power can be built and manufactured using recycled materials and very inexpensively. Why pay 46.5 cents a kilowatt hour, which will happen at the conclusion of Deepwater Wind's contract, and on top of that destroy the landscape and hurt the economy when you can use everyday recycled products to manufacture residential wind turbines, that produce amazing results and will give you your own energy independence!

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Windmill Alternative Green Power

This innovative man in this video clip used $100 in materials to build his residential wind turbine and the largest part of the turbine he developed is made of recycled materials (the PVS drums previously held Balsamic Vinegar from Italy). The turbine turns well in very light wind. The Axle is made from 3 inch PVC piping from Home Depot and the bearings are made with a 5 inch lazy suzan from Lowes.

How to Make an Inexpensive Vertical Wind Turbine - Part 1

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