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LED Lighting, light-emitting diodes

LED Lighting is the lighting of the future. The technology has begun to be used now throughout homes and cities across America and the world. They look just like light bulbs but in fact are not. LED’s are tiny semiconductors that are encapsulated in plastic which protect their components and help focus the light. They last an amazingly long time. Many LED manufacturers estimate the LED’s can last about 10 years! Imagine not having to replace a light bulb for 10 years. Imagine the cost savings which our cities and towns which are having budget problems because of the State’s mismanagement of the budget can occur. Imagine the cost savings which you yourself can have on your own electric bill by utilizing this technology.

According to the financial media center Marketwatch.com, utilities say LED lights use 90% to 98% less energy. Another interesting note is that you can use LED lighting now not only to light your home but for those holiday lights. According to the Energy Ideas Clearinghouse, LED holiday lights use 0.08 watts per multicolor bulb compared with 0.48 watts for an incandescent mini light. Congress recently-passed the 2008 energy bill which has a section banning incandescent light bulbs for traditional use. The phase-out will begin in 2012, with all incandescents gone by 2014. Now imagine the untapped manufacturing industry we can bring to our state if we manufacture and sell these energy saving lighting devices through out the country and the world. LED lighting made by Rhode Islanders in Rhode Island. It can all be possible if the Governor chooses the right path and doesn’t sell our State short. Imagine the small business potential for our citizens if we capitalize on this industry.

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Did you know? If everyone switched to CFL lighting or LED Lighting we could close down 80 major polluting power plants over night in this country! If it is true individual energy independence we seek LED Lighting is another way we can make our own individual energy independence a reality.

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