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Below are research reports from top doctors, scientists and researchers from around the world that have investigated extensively large industrial wind turbines. All reports done by these researchers have come to the same conclusion that people are getting sick from large industrial wind farms such as what Governor Carcieri is proposing to put off the coastline of Rhode Island. These health effects also can potentially come into play if large industrial wind turbines are built on land too. Wind Turbine Syndrome, which has been found to occur in many people living near large industrial wind turbines especially affects two age categories, children and the elderly. We have seen reports throughout this country of people being forced to leave and abandon their homes because they can’t sleep at night. Health affects with large industrial turbines can sometimes be felt up to as much as 3 miles away from the wind farm itself. With all this scientific data, which was researched independently; meaning they did not receive one penny and therefore were not influenced by any outside forces whether it be pro or anti large wind, we believe that Governor Carcieri’s actions regarding offshore wind farms will put people’s health at risk. We also believe that our elected officials are putting local residents at risk when they support the development of large industrial wind turbines on land. Furthermore with the fact that small non- industrial wind turbines do not cause health affects or economic adversity and there are so many other alternative types of renewable energy which we can also use which are less expensive, promote tremendous economic growth and have no adverse impact on our citizens economically, environmentally and health wise, we feel that the Governor’s actions relating to large industrialized offshore wind power are completely and utterly reckless and with no regard for the quality of life for the citizens of Rhode Island.

Dr. Amanda Harry M.B.Ch.B. P.G.Dip.E.N.T. - "Wind Turbines, Noise and Health"

Barbara J. Frey, BA, MA and Peter J. Hadden, BSc, FRICS - "Noise Radiation From Wind Turbines Installed Near Homes: Effects on Health"

Noise and its effect on health: a brief bibliography for the above to papers
(with abstracts) lists some of the items used in the preparation of these papers. The bibliography, including abstracts, was compiled from the Pubmed database, the United States National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?db=pubmed&cmd=search&term=).

Research By Dr. Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD
Dr. Pierpont ,MD, PhD is one of the top doctors and scientists in the United States. She has discovered alarming trends that are effecting the health of humans living near large industrial wind turbines in this country and around the world. She is an independent researcher and has not been paid one cent by any type of big business.

Curriculum vitae for Dr. Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD

“Noisy Wind and Hot Air” An article written by Dr. Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD

Health Effects of Wind Turbine Noise

Wind Turbine Syndrome: Testimony before the New York State Legislature Energy Committee

Wind Turbine Syndrome: Noise, Shadow Flicker, and Health

Health, hazard, and quality of life near wind power installations, how close is too close?

Letter to Donald Bilow, Supervisor Town of Chateaugay, NY from Dr. Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD

Letter from Dr. Pierpont, MD, PhD to Ken & Janet Tacy Burke, NY, regarding Wind Turbine Sydrome

Letter to the editor by Dr. Pierpont, MD, PhD which appeared in Malone Telegram

Review of the Noble Environmental DEIS for Ellenburg, NY

Global Warming and Industrial Wind Energy Development

Oguz A. Soysal, Ph.D.
Frostburg State University, Chairman of Department of Physics and Engineering

Acoustic Noise Generated By Wind Turbines

G.P. van den Berg, Ph.D.
University of Groningen – Department of Physics
Groningen, the Netherlands

Do wind turbines produce significant low frequency sound levels?

Effects of the wind profile at night on wind turbine sound

The Beat is Getting Stronger: The Effect of Atmospheric Stability of Low Frequency Modulated Sound of Wind Turbines

Wind turbines at night: acoustical practice and sound research

The sound of high winds: the effect of atmospheric stability on wind turbine sound

Andrew Miskelly - " Why the Taralga Windfarm Environmental Impact Statement – Noise Impact Assessment is critically flawed"

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